I Heard It Through The Grapevine

“The Sixties are now considered a historical period, just like the Roman Empire.”   - Dave Barry

“Everyone knows the truism, ‘if you remember the 60’s, you weren’t really there.’  Well, this book proves the saying is wrong.  Don Jung was there in the middle of it and remembers a greatdeal.  If, like me, you love the era and its extraordinary music but were too young to be a part of it, read Rockin’ Through Troubled Waters.  What was it like seeing the Doors jam with Van Morrison? What was it like attending Robert F. Kennedy’s tragic final speech at the Ambassador Hotel?  What was it like being part of Ken Kesey’s ‘Sledgehammer’ show at Stanford?  Don tells you from personal experience.  Simply put, if you remember the 60’s, you were Don Jung.”

David Lubars, Chief Creative Officer

BBDO Worldwide

“I loved reading the book. I grew up in the same crazy decade. Your book brought back memories of how important our music was to our adolescence. We had fun. Glad we survived.”

Lee Clow, legendary chairman and global director

TBWA Worldwide/Chiat/Day

“Just finished the book and enjoyed it, really enjoyed it. I think what really works is how you tie in the music, the politics the UCLA experience and the early celebrity deaths. It really captures the feeling of those times.”

Rich Siegel, author

“Tuesdays with Manfu”, “The Big Book of Rants, “Round Seventeen & ½”

“Everyone who was around the music scene in the mid to late sixties has a great story or two to tell. Don Jung has a lot of them, and his unique perspective makes his tales more fascinating and entertaining than most. Reading them makes me wish I’d moved west a few years sooner.”

Tom Hensley, LA studio musician since 1970 & pianist for Neil Diamond since 1975

“Don has done a masterful job as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Historian in his book. His recall of fascinating facts that occurred during the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll will keep you glued to your seats. Anyone who is interested in rock history needs to read this book.”

Steven Yamshon, author

“Your Roadmap to Retirement Riches”

“Don Jung’s been my rock star CPA over 30 years. And all that time he’s kept this great story under his hat. Amazing, but not surprising.”

Larre Johnson, Partner/Creative Director

Big Honkin” Ideas Advertising